What is Tithing?

A Full Faith Commitment comprises of two main elements. With one hand we offer our Time and Talent in the service of God. With the other we honor God by giving a part of our Treasure back to Him. A Tithe is one tenth of something; thus the bible asks us to consider one tenth of our earnings as our gracious tribute to God in return for the wealth of blessings that He has bestowed upon us.

Tithing is not simply a fund raising mechanism, nor is it a way for an individual to buy God’s blessings. Rather, when given from the heart, it is a fundamental expression of personal devotion, of an honest and loving relationship with God and a permanent covenant with the Church. Tithing commitments allow the church to provide you with your place of worship to perform God’s work, lifting the burden of financial strain.

The commitment of Tithing of Treasure is a milestone in a Christian life, a natural and liberating step on your faithful journey, it is its own reward. When you see the Tithe as an instrument of blessing you will not look for a way to give less but to give more. When you trust in God to help you to be generous an every occasion and provide for your needs, what could be a doubt becomes a thrill.

Begin your Tithe with consideration of your circumstances and your means. Use prayerful contemplation to decide how much you are able to give. This is a matter between you and God; He will know your true sacrifice. Remember what Jesus said of the widow’s mite. Do not overburden yourself, a cheerful gift – a gift of Love – goes furthest; remember that the multitude were fed with a few loaves and fishes. Over time, seek to grow your tithe as your circumstances permit. Make your decision with God’s guidance.

Stewardship of Time, Talent & Treasure

Take a Leap of Faith; use Stewardship in Everyday life. Firstly we ask that you complete and return a pledge card for your Stewardship of Time and Talent. Make it a family activity if you have children and encourage their sharing of Time and Talent as well. Space has been provided on the pledge card for all the family. Return the completed pledge card to the Stewardship office.

Secondly we ask you to complete a second pledge card for your Stewardship of Treasure. Please remember that the financial health of St. Anthony of Padua is directly linked to the commitment you make to the parish and its mission.

Review your personal finances and determine a weekly Treasure pledge. A suggested amount to give to the church would be 5% of your income, but the proportion should be what is appropriate for you at this time. Consult the table below for an idea of what you are capable of giving. Over time, with faith and prayer, you can grow the amount to your desired tithe. Once you have determined an amount, record it on the pledge card. Keep a portion of the card for yourself and place it somewhere in the home to remind you of your commitment. Place the other portion of the card in the enclosed envelope and return it to the Stewardship Office. The information will be used to help St. Anthony of Padua budget for the coming year, so please be honest about your pledge and endeavor to keep your commitment. You will notice that the treasure pledge card does not ask for a name. This is a commitment between you and God.

Remember, our gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure are from God; we are all stewards of His gifts. Reflect and evaluate how your gifts are being used at St. Anthony of Padua and in our church community for the good of all. Please give as generously as possible of the gifts you have been given.

Guide for Weekly Giving

The following table indicates weekly giving based on a percentage of income.


Please try to give an equal percentage to other charities. If you are giving 5% to the parish an additional 5% should be given to other good causes for a total of 10% giving. Please seriously consider giving at least 2% to the St. Anthony of Padua building fund over the next year.

Our effectiveness as a community depends on the entire St. Anthony of Padua family. Gratitude is shown to God by being good stewards of our gifts of time, talent and treasure. When we give our financial and service gifts we make an investment that benefits the whole church community now and in the future. The community profits because God’s kingdom is revealed in the hearts of His people. Each of us profit because God promised to reward our sharing with and caring for each other.