Let Stewardship Become a Way of Life

God as a Steward – His Self-Gift

Never forget that God is a great steward
God gave Himself to us in Jesus Christ
God’s gift in Himself
The nature of God is to be self-gift
Stewardship is self-gift

Jesus’ Stewardship – His Self-Gift

As with God, so too with Jesus
Jesus and God are one
God gave Himself away, so does Jesus
Jesus gave His life
Through death and resurrection He gave all
In His giving He lives so we too may live

Christian Stewardship – Stewardship is Our Gift

In baptism we are called upon to model our lives after Jesus Christ
Our vocation is to give ourselves away
The extent of our relationship with Jesus is the extent we give of ourselves
In doing so we become one with Jesus

Recognize Your Gifts – What Can I Give?

Talents, health, education, job stability, security of money, being a part of a blessed community
These are all gifts
These are gifts to the individual for self, family and also community

Stewardship – Faith – Conversion – Trust

Feel blessed despite troubles
See God’s grace in your life
Being Christian is giving back
Stewardship is giving of what we have no matter how small
Stewardship is based on trust – God will provide
God will fill our lives with joy and fulfillment

Prayer for Sharing

Teach me, O Father, to work for the cause of the common person.
Correct me when I am tempted to make someone poorer so that I may prosper.
Open my eyes, O Father, to my brothers’ and sisters’ needs.
Remind always of the common link among all people and of the Law of universal solidarity.
Keep far from me the pettiness of selfishness.
Stretch to its limit my capacity to use my means in favor of common efforts.
Keep me alert, O Father, to the rights of weaker people, the poor and powerless.
Lead me to the understanding that I should channel my energies to deeds of justice, mercy and peace.
O Father, the gifts of the Earth give witness that your love is directed to everyone.
Help me to share my material and spiritual treasurers in order to translate into practice you commandment of love.
Open wide my heart’s capacity for love and compassion.
Make me understand that I do not have a monopoly on your blessings, and that I should share with others the joy of life.