The parish is back up from Summer and things are humming along. Religious education has begun, St. Anthony University Courses are being offered, our parish school has waiting lists, and our worship times are full.  What a blessing God gives as we defer to God leading us. Be sure to give in the measure you feel given to by God, your time, talents, treasure.  Nothing here is as good without you as with you.

May I make a special appeal as we leave the time of baseball and the Gala? We would be wise to concentrate now on our endowment.  This will secure our school for generations. Please consult the school website and see the ways you can respond to God’s call. The leaves will be turning and falling soon, let’s offer a bountiful harvest for all the planting God has done in us.  This is going to be a Fall season that pleases the Lord.
Peace and every good to you.                                              Fr. Patrick